Alienware is gamer positioned laptops, aiming for the best game play possible. These systems have fantastic components, including top-speed processors, video RAM, and ultramodern graphics cards. The display screen is also impressive, with a viewing quality that is more than class but there arises a situation when the user faces low frame rates in their Alienware system. To solve this hindrance here are some solutions which you can use during troubleshooting of Alienware laptop. It is possible that the user might face issues with their Alienware system even after these guidelines; therefore you can contact the Dell Alienware Support in such case or log in to the website “contactforhelp” to get the verified number of Alienware Team.

Reasons why Alienware system faces low frame rate issues

  1. Driver not up to the date
  2. Elongated runtime
  3. Running of unwanted programs
  4. Processor not functioning
  5. Unable to detect heat build up
  6. Fix windows to best performance
  7. Corrupt Game file
  8. Graphics card outdated or not set properly



Troubleshooting low frame rate in Alienware system

To solve the issue of low frame rate in Alienware system these things can be done during troubleshooting.

1. Driver not up to the date

Video card drivers might involve necessary virus fixes or optimizations; many times the driver is outdated the period it reaches your system. One of the vital steps you can perform when installing a new video card is to establish the most up-to-date driver.The update process will vary depending on the specific video card you have. To update it follow these steps]

• Unlock a web browser and go to the official Dell website.

• You might be asked to "Identify your product," enter your Service tag or choose "Browse for a product" to pick manually.

• If the system shows the incorrect version then, click on "View a different product" and again enter your Service tag or browse manually

• In the menu, choose BIOS. It will refine the results to show only the BIOS category.

• There might be more than one file listed, Click on "View details" on the most recent version of the BIOS.

• Tap download File to begin the download

• Save the file to your system.

• Follow the instructions to complete the installation. It is going to reboot your system and perform a BIOS update.

2. Elongated Runtime

start your system to have your computer reset its runtime. Shutting down does not reset the laptops runtime and long periods of run time will cause slowdown and frame rate issues.

3. Running of unwanted programs.

Before you remove any programs, it's better to check what software is running in Windows background, as much software tends to start itself automatically. To disable non-essential processes, we recommend performing a clean boot on Windows.

• Enter "Windows Key+ R."

• Type msconfig in the text bar at the menu

• Tap on the Services tab

• Verify the hide all Microsoft services, so you don't end up accidentally disabling a key process

• Tap the Disable All button

• Tap on the Startup tab

• Tap on the Disable All button

• Tap on the Apply button

• Tap on the OK button

• Start your computer

• If your in-game performance improved after a clean boot, the chances are that there are some resource-consuming programs on your PC. You might want to uninstall any unwanted applications by using Programs and Features

• Now run a scan for detection of adverse bugs and virus.

4. Processor not functioning

To troubleshoot these issues follow these guidelines

• Tap the windows key +R at the same time. 

• Enter in “msconfig’ into the search option that pops up. 

• Tap on the “Boot” tab that opens up and then enters the “advanced options” on the menu.

5. Unable to detect heat up build

Sometimes games work fine for a period and then it starts to slow down. In some cases the air coming out of the system extremely hot. It happens when your graphics card is probably overheating. There are a few things you can do to Solve overheating issue in Alienware laptop or to reduce the heat in the system.

• Clean the vents or fans with compressed air. 

• The system often gets their fans clogged with dust, dirt, and hair. Cleaning your system's vents and fans. It would improve airflow and should keep your machine at a lower temperature.

6. Fix windows to best performance 

Try to turn off many of the advanced graphical features to help it improve the system. Most of the underpowered machines would be seen in the most benefit from the steps below.

• Choose Properties option.

• Pick Advanced System Settings

• Tap the Advanced tab.
• Enter Settings under Performance

• Choose the "adjust for best performance radial" option.

• Step to the "Advanced" tab option.

• Now choose the option stating "Adjust for best performance of Programs radial."

7. Corrupt game file

• To run the repair functions follow these steps:

• Tap on the more settings on the bottom-left hand side and then click Repair

8. Graphics card outdated or not set properly.

• To update the graphics card go to the respected site and download the particular driver and update it.

• If your graphics card is not presenting in any of the options, then you may need to uninstall it and reinstall the drivers.

• Tap on Start a menu will appear. On the list, tap "Control Panel." Locate the icon that says "System," and tap it. 

• Tap on the "Hardware" tab and click on the "Device Manager" option.

• Scroll down to the option "Display Adapter" and tap on it. A menu will appear on the menu, click the "driver" tab. Click "Uninstall."