Netgear Router not connecting wirelessly: Simple Guide to fix it

Netgear Router usage has been almost increased due to its core efficiency features and models widely. But when Netgear router not connecting properly, it becomes a tough challenge for the user to solve it instantly. While sometimes it becomes even more puzzling when the user finds that the in spite of blinking all lights, but still, there is no internet or wireless connection on the Netgear router.


Did you require to take the Netgear team instantly?


For handling the issues when Netgear router not connecting properly, it is the excellent option to dial to the Netgear customer support team, but before going to interacted with their experts, it is also almost possible to once try by your side first. However, you will find the fixing steps of Netgear router issues at the below on this blog.


You can Clear up Inbound or Outbound Firewall Issues for Netgear Router, but still, you don't need to worry about as we also have the significant solutions in such conditions to solve it through the following troubleshooting steps when your Netgear router not connecting:-


Troubleshooting steps when the Netgear router is not working:


Step 1: Do a Power Cycle to Netgear Router and Modem:- 

Restarting properly or power cycle of your router and modem is important to maintain efficiency. So, try to restart your computer and then check the lights of your modem, and router light. If your internet light is one and started working, then try to connect to your computer by using the Internet.

Step 2: Reset your Netgear Router to Default Settings:- 

If power cycling has been not working for you, then you need to reset your Netgear wireless router. So, follow these useful steps to reset and reconfigure the Netgear router:

• Take anything like a pen or paperclip and look at the back of your Netgear router. You need to press the reset key carefully and hold it for at least thirty seconds.

• You may see all the lights are blinking together on Netgear router while holding the reset key for resetting it.

• After that, restart your Netgear router and the modem again.

• After the reset, then try for setting up your Netgear router just like that you are using the brand new router.

Step 3: Setup and Configure your Netgear Wireless Router:- Follow these points to Setup and Configure quickly of your Netgear wireless router:

• Connect your Netgear router with the modem, and with the Ethernet cable as well to the WAN port.

• Then connect your computer or phone to the Netgear network with using the wire or wireless.

• After that, open any internet browser and then type the or As Default Gateway.

• You can also try these process by opening the web pages of or

Hopefully, in this blog, you may get the adequate solutions to reduce your hesitations of the same issue, but still, if you are unable to solve it or need some support of proficient expert's, then take the help of Netgear Customer Support team. You are required to dial their official number, and it can be avail from visiting at Contactforhelp- which is the popular online directory.